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Constantly Varied

New workouts are strategically programmed every day including combinations of weightlifting, gymnastics, bodyweight movements, metabolic conditioning and more!

Functional Fitness

CrossFit is based around functional movements that are found in everyday life such as squatting, deadlifting, or pressing and includes full body workouts almost daily!

High Intensity

Each day’s programming can be tailored to accommodate every athlete’s abilities. High Intensity is relative to the athlete, and the goal is to move well before adding additional intensity!

Sports Performance

CrossFit will translate directly into sport performance, no matter the sport. The programming will make you stronger & faster and help increase mobility and stamina!


With athletes of all ages and backgrounds, CrossFit is designed for everyone. The functional movements of the programming will help every member live longer, healthier and more independent lives!

Weight Control

By adapting the high intensity to each athlete’s ability, CrossFit programming will help each member work towards their ideal weight, whether that be weight loss, gain or maintain!

Mental Fortitude

With new programming every day, athletes will challenge themselves mentally, as well as physically, to conquer new movements while pushing their comfort zone in a safe environment!

Boosted Energy

Exercising on a regular basis can help boost confidence and self-esteem, as well as contribute to better rest which will lead to an increase in daily energy!


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“I wanted to try CrossFit for a while and could not have picked a better place to join. The coaches train daily on proper technique and mobility – which was great since I came in out of shape… The community probably deserves its own 5 star review…”

– Matt F.

“CrossFit Variance is “The CrossFit Gym” on Boston’s North Shore. The Community, the Coaching and the Programming are unrivaled… Come join the Family. Get Healthy. Have fun. Five years later, I wish I joined sooner.”

– Jimmy M.

“Each gym has its own vibe. CFV, and the community that make it, are 1000% worth checking out to
see if it’s for you.”

– Kirstin L.